Authors Project Presentation Code Video
Abdulaziz Albaiz, Maitham Alhubail, Mohamad Sindi, and Mohammad AlAdwani The Swept Rule for Breaking the Latency Barrier in Time-Advancing PDEs pptx
Alexander Y. Chen D4M in Julia pptx
Alex Kell Cochlea.jl: A Julia-based real-time cochleogram visualizer for the Jupyter notebook pdf NA
Larson Hogstrom, Mukarram Tahir, Andres Hasfura Julia­enabled Computation of Molecular Library Complexity in DNA Sequencing pdf NA
Angel Yu MCMC inference over latent diffeomorphisms using parallel computing pptx NA
Berj Chilingirian, Varun Mohan, and Luo Qian Case Study: Analyzing the Serial and Parallel Performance of MergeSort in Julia and C pdf
Bryan Kaiser NA
Colin Josey Parallel Spectral Elements for Nuclear Applications pdf NA
David Orion Girardo Bringing Software Transactional Memory to Julia pdf NA
Gil Goldshlager Parallel Huffman Encoding and Move to Front Encoding in Julia NA
Helena Qi Final Report pptx
Jeremy Rubin NA NA NA
Julian Kates-Harbeck Parallel Graph Algorithms in Julia pdf
Morgan R. Frank Genetic Programming for Julia: fast performance and parallel island model implementation pdf project.tgz
Nisha Chandramoorthy and Jerry Wang JAMD: Julia-Accelerated Molecular Dynamics pptx,
Omar Abudayyeh Parallel genomic alignment and clustering tools in Julia pdf code
Patrick Lowe TensorFlow Julia API pdf NA
Robin Deits Internet of Toys: Julia and Lego Mindstorms zip(350MB), pdf,,
Ryan McKinnon Relativistic Ray Tracing in Julia pdf
Sterling Harper Nuclear MOC in Julia pdf NA
Tyler Olsen Accelerated Array Expressions in Julia using Expression Templates pdf
Victor Jakubiuk Fully Convolutional Neural Networks in Julia pdf
Zheng Li Fast Multipole Methods for the Two Dimensional N Body Problem pptx serialFMM.ipynb, parallelFMM.ipynb