6.857: Computer and Network Security

Lectures and Handouts

Lecture 1 (Wednesday, February 8): Introduction

Lecture 2 (Monday, February 13): History of Cryptography

Lecture 3 (Wednesday, February 15): Further Introduction, Encryption

There's also been some recent security-related news, both about traveling internationally while carrying data, as well as insecure RSA keys in real-world systems:

Lecture 4 (Tuesday, February 21 - a "virtual Monday"): One-Time Pads, Randomness, RC4

Links and materials of interest:

Lecture 5 (Wednesday, February 22): Block Ciphers

Lecture 6 (Monday, February 27): Guest Lecture: Victor Costan on Web Security

Lecture 7 (Wednesday, February 29): Guest Lecture: Prof. Srini Devadas on Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs)

Lecture 8 (Monday, March 5): IND-CCA Security & Hash Functions

Lecture 9 (Wednesday, March 7): Hash Function Properties & Uses for Hash Functions

Lecture 10 (Monday, March 12): Project Idea Presentations

Lecture 11 (Wednesday, March 14): Hash Functions

Lecture 12 (Monday, March 19): One-time MACs and Finite Fields

Lecture 13 (Wednesday, March 21): Number and Group Theory

Lecture 14 (Monday, April 2): More Groups, and DH Key Exchange

Lecture 15 (Wednesday, April 4): Public Key Encryption, El Gamal, IND-CCA2, and Cramer Shoup

Lecture 16 (Monday, April 9): RSA Encryption and Digital Signatures

Lecture 17 (Wednesday, April 11): Digital Signatures: RSA, ElGamal, and DSS

Lecture 19 (Monday, April 23): Gap Groups, Bilinear Maps, and Secret Sharing

Lecture 20 (Wednesday, April 25): Key Establishment and Certificates

Lecture 21 (Monday, April 30): SPKI, SDSI, Viruses, and Trusting Trust

Lecture 22 (Wednesday, May 2): Electronic Cash