6.xxx (AKA 6.803 and 6.833)

The Human Intelligence Enterprise: 2019

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What should a robot learn from an infant? Mechanisms of action interpretation and observational learning in infancy, by György Gergely.

WRT 50 minutes


A quad chart consists of a quadrant with

together with three other quadrants with the following titles

The more elaborate quint chart retains the Impact and New Ideas elements, replaces Milestones with End of Phase Goal, adds Status Quo, and Achievements, arranged as follows:

Quad and quint charts may optionally contain a so-called bumper sticker.


If you discuss the paper or the assignment with another student—which we encourage—indicate whom you have talked with in your submitted composition. Of course your submitted composition must be written entirely by you.

On a total of one side of one sheet of paper, using 10 pt type or larger, with standard interline spacing and margins, respond to all the following:

Suspending disbelief, imagine that Patrick Winston has become Director of DARPA. He has announced that robots are too stupid, and he invites potential “performers” to submit suggestions on what could be done in the form of a quad or quint chart.

You decide to suggest a program of research base on Gergely's work. Construct a quad or quint chart. Use your imagination to concoct milestones or end-of-phase goals; try to include combinations of the ideas in the paper with other salient ideas in the subject.

Be sure your goals are detailed and quantified. Also, be sure you do not use the word continue or any synonym of continue, in your goals.

You may prepare your chart with or without presentation software. To assist you if you do use presentation sofware, we provide templates for

Quad: Open Office Impress and MicroSoft PowerPoint.

Quint: Open Office Impress and MicroSoft PowerPoint.