6.xxx (AKA 6.803 and 6.833)

The Human Intelligence Enterprise: 2018

Style Guide
Grading Marks
Project Instructions
Office hours

Grading Marks

Global Assessment

Mark Meaning
Check Ok
Check + Evidence of thorough understanding
Check - Needs improvement
Check +/-, dotted Shading toward direction indicated
R Revise; probably you didn't follow instructions

Local Observations

We use standard proofreader marks, including the following:

Mark Meaning
Awk Seems awkwardly put to me.
Circle with tail Gid of this.
Stet Let it stand as it is. I changed my mind.

We also use these personal marks:

Mark Meaning
Check This is what we wanted or a reasonable alternative or a nice point. Roughly equivilant to amen.
! Particularly nice point. I wish I had thought of it.
? I don't understand this.
hmmm Seems strange to me, albeit without a lot of thought
x I don't agree with this, but I agree that it is a matter of opinion.
xx I really don't think this can be defended. Ask me about it if classroom discussion does not clarify why.
w Weaker argument than expected.
S Style objection. See on-line style suggestions.