6.xxx (AKA 6.803 and 6.833)

The Human Intelligence Enterprise: 2017

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Grading Marks
Project Instructions
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Harnessing Cyc to Answer Clinical Researchers' ad hoc Queries, by Douglas Lenat et al.

WRT: 1 hour

Enabling Agents to Work Together, by R. Guha and Douglas Lenat

Read only the section titled CYC Applications

For background:

An AI with 30 Years’ Worth of Knowledge Finally Goes to Work

WRT: 2 minutes

If you want to learn about what Lenat and Cycorp are up to now, visit the company home page and poke around.


If you discuss the paper or the assignment with another student—which we encourage—indicate whom you have talked with in your submitted composition. Of course your submitted composition must be written entirely by you.

On a total of one side of one sheet of paper, using 10 pt type or larger, with standard interline spacing and margins, respond to all the following:

The American Hospital Association, eager to help members cut costs, has decided to host a meet-and-greet session just befor their big annual meeting in May. The idea is to bring expansion-stage venture capitalists together with small-to-medium-size companies with the potential to have exponential growth and impact. The session will be in the form of a poster session, with each invited company doing a poster.

CycCorp, which has just hired you, is one of the invited companies. Lenat, noting you have taken 6xxx, asks you get to prepare the CycCorp poster.

Use one of the samples as a guide; alternatively, invent and defend your own style.