• Signals and Systems (6.003)
  • Familiarity with linear algebra (18.06) and probability (6.041)
  • Machine Vision (6.801/6.866)
  • Some Matlab experience

The textbook is available at Quantum Books:
  • Two take-home exams
  • Five problem sets with lab exercises in Matlab
  • No final exam
  • Final project
Problem sets may be discussed, but all written work and coding must be done individually. Take-home exams may not be discussed. Individuals found submitting duplicate or substantially similar materials due to inappropriate collaboration may get an F in this class and other sanctions.

The final project may be
  • An original implementation of a new or published idea
  • A detailed empirical evaluation of an existing implementation of one or more methods
  • A paper comparing three or more papers not covered in class, or surveying recent literature in a particular area
A project proposal not longer than two pages must be submitted by March 31st.

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