6.857: Computer and Network Security (Spring 2010)



HKN class evaluation

Please fill out the HKN class evaluation .

Room Change: the 5/5 lecture is in 35-225

The Wed, May 5th lecture will be held in 35-225, at the usual time. George Hotz will be giving a guest lecture on embedded security, and speak about his accomplishments on the iPhone and PlayStation 3. See the full announcement for details.

PS4 Handout Updated

We have fixed a bug in problelm 1(c). The pseudo-random nubmer generator shoud compute values for k modulo p - 1, to respect the pre-condition that k is in Z*(p - 1). The problem is solvable either way, but the modification makes the solution a bit cleaner. We will accept solutions for either version. Please download the updated version from the handouts page.

Quiz Rooms

For Wednesday's quiz, please go to one of the following rooms, based on the initial of your first name.
A - L
M - Z

Quiz Preparation Materials

We have posted a practice quiz, so you know what to expect on Wednesday. You can download the quiz from the handouts page. The practice quiz is password-protected, and you can get the password by logging into the homework submission server.

PS3 Handout Updated

The PS3 handout contained an incorrect point allotment for PS3. Problem 1 is worth 28 points, and problem 2 is worth 12 points. Please download the updated version from the handouts page.

Office Hours Scheduled for Wed 4-5pm, in 32G-827

Victor will be holding regular office hours starting next week. Office hours will be on Wednesdays, 4:00-5:00pm, in 32G-825. Take a right as you walk out the elevators, and walk until you see a conference room.

PS1 Due on Friday, 2/19

Problem Set 1's due date has been pushed back to Friday, February 19. This is 2 days after the original deadline.

Please Register by 2/6

You can register here.


More information about this term will be posted soon. For now, you can look at the previous terms' websites.