6.851: Advanced Data Structures (Spring'14)

Prof. Erik Demaine     TAs: Timothy Kaler, Aaron Sidford

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[+] Dynamic optimality (L05 + L06): why geometry represents binary search trees. Problems: making keys distinct, separation between BST and pointer-machine models.

This class reviews the most-asked-about aspect of "the geometry of binary search trees": why do arborally satisfied point sets really correspond to binary search tree data structures? I'll do a worked example for the offline transformation, which will help explain the online transformation too.

Then we have a couple solved and a lot of unsolved problems. Please review the latter and don't review the former. One open problem may already be solved... wow!

[The video still needs to be recorded or encoded. Stay tuned!]

Lecture notes, page 1/8[previous page][next page][PDF]

Lecture notes, page 1/8[previous page][next page][PDF]

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