6.849: Geometric Folding Algorithms: Linkages, Origami, Polyhedra (Fall 2012)

Prof. Erik Demaine       TA: Jayson Lynch

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[+] Single-vertex crease patterns: Characterizations of flat-foldable crease patterns and mountain-valley patterns, combinatorics of the latter, local flat foldability is easy.
Tree method of origami design: Introduction, uniaxial base, demo.

This lecture is about the local behavior of flat folding around each vertex of a crease pattern. In other words, we study each vertex individually, by characterizing all single-vertex crease patterns and mountain-valley patterns that are flat foldable. Then we look at how to combine multiple vertices into a "locally foldable" crease pattern.

We also get started on the tree method of origami design, developed by many Japanese origami designers over the years, and turned into an algorithm and computer program TreeMaker by Robert Lang. This method has been the most successful in transforming complex origami design, and we'll cover more of it next lecture.

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Figure 16.2 from GFALOP

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