6.xxx (AKA 6.803 and 6.833)

The Human Intelligence Enterprise: 2019

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Artificial Intelligence—a personal view, by David Marr

WRT: 30 min

Work holiday

Because Tuesday is Monday this week, there is no written assignment for the Marr paper. You need only prepare yourself for discussion. We recommend you prepare by making a broken glass diagram.

Here is what we will discuss:

You are scheduled to have breakfast with President Reif. You have heard he is interested in Marr and his legacy. Prepare yourself for the meeting by constructing talking points on what Marr might have included in a final section labeled Contributions in his paper.

Remember that a contribution can be a better-framed problem, a problem solution, a methodology, a point of view, a conclusion—anything that plainly constitutes an advancement of knowledge.

Further prepare yourself for your breakfast with Reif by constructing talking points on what you would say should Reif ask the following questions: