6.yyy (AKA 6.S079)

The Human Intelligence Enterprise: 2018

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Project summaries

Project summaries for 2018 are online.

2018 Assignments

# Day Date Technical Topic Communication assignment Communication discussion
19 Mon 14 May Review Email dangers How to speak
Wed 16 May Assignment Recommendation
Presentation Feedback
How to applaud, Kabuki style
A boyfriend in a box

2018 Past assignments

# Day Date Technical Topic Communication assignment Communication discussion
Mon 5 Feb Registration day
Fri 9 Feb Winston reflects on the first 65 years
1Mon 12 Feb Turing suggests test for success Paper decoding Paper decoding
2Wed 14 Feb Minsky provides a problem set Tenure recommendation Empowerment promises, VSN–C
Mon 19 Feb President's day
3Tue 20 Feb Davis and friends affirm value of representations VSN-C message to PHW
4Wed 21 Feb Malone sees Superminds in our future VSN-C message to PHW
5Wed 28 Feb Berwick asserts uniqueness, not just more of the same VSN-C message to PHW
6Friday 2 Mar Geiger argues that dyslexics see too much VSN-C message to PHW
3Mon 5 Mar Brooks denies value of representations Empowerment, contributions, glassVSN-C
4 Wed 07 Mar Tenenbaum and friends salute the Reverend Bayes
Glymour salutes Kepler
Panel preparation How to run a panel
5 Mon 12 Mar Hinton launches third waveWhite paper Improvement through knowledge engineering
6 Wed 14 Mar Ullman explains visual routines Trip report How to run a conference
7 Mon 19 Mar Larson grounds symbols in perception Press release How to write a press release
8 Wed 21 Mar Marr speaks to what constitutes good work Talking points Talking points, Contributions
Mon 26 Mar No class—Spring Break
Wed 28 Mar No class—Spring Break
Mon 2 Apr Tattersall finds symbolic species
Lettvin finds bug detector
Amnesty assignment Winston's star
9 Wed 4 Apr Minsky predicts important role for perception Review How to do slides
10Mon 9 Apr Spelke explains how to turn MIT students into rats
Fedorenko tells us we don't need language to think
Speaker evaluation How to make decisions
11Wed 11 Apr Jackendoff grounds out in trajectories Slide show How to run a study
Mon 16 Apr Patriot's day vacation
12Wed 18 Apr McIntyre builds contortionist Nomination letter How to write a nomination letter
Quad charts
13Mon 23 Apr Gergely learns from an infant Quad chart Selling it
Product introductions
14Wed 25 Apr Minsky gets emotional Op Ed How to construct posters
15Mon 30 Apr Borchardt focuses on transitions Update letter Applied ethics
16Wed 2 May Gentner thinks about analogy Chapter openings Emulation
17Mon 7 May Winston tells yet another story Getting the message to Garcia How to follow
How to lead
18Wed 9 May Holmes values character Interview Interviews