6.889: Algorithms for Planar Graphs and Beyond (Fall 2011)

Erik Demaine, Shay Mozes, Christian Sommer, Siamak Tazari

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[+] Approximation schemes in minor-free graphs II: Bidimensionality: Subexponential FPT algorithms and EPTAS

In this lecture we will explore bidimensionality - a powerful theory that encompasses and unifies a very large fraction of what we know algorithmically about planar and H-minor-free graphs as far as PTASes and parameterized algorithms go. The main idea of how to establish parameter-treewidth bounds using grids is very simple and easy to grasp and immediately leads to subexponential parameterized algorithms for a large number of problems. After that, we study an abstract framework of how to derive EPTASes for many of our favorite problems using bidimensionality as the backbone.

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Lecture notes, page 1/11[previous page][next page][PDF]

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