6.857: Computer and Network Security (Spring 2011)



Problem Set 5

Problem set 5 has been posted and should be turned in along with your final project writeup, which is due Wednesday, May 11.


Problem Set 4

Problem set 4 has been posted and is due Sunday, April 17. You should work on it with your project group.


Problem Set 3

Problem set 3 has been posted and is due Sunday, March 20 — although that is the first weekend of spring break, so you probably want to aim for turning it in Friday if you can.

Check your e-mail for information about groups.


Problem Set 2 Submissions

Please e-mail your ps2 to 6857-tas@mit.edu. As a reminder, acceptable formats are plain text, PDF, or MS Word — but note that we'll probably be using LibreOffice or other free software to read Word-format files, so special formatting may be lost.

You're encouraged to submit code if you've used it for any part of the pset. However, we're requiring a prose writeup of your answer, including how the code works and any special cases that it may not cover, as well as your approach for solving the problem.


Problem set 2

Problem set 2 has been posted. See the resources page for the data files for problem 1 and a link to the website for problem 2.

Also, remember that initial individual project ideas should be posted to the Google group by tonight.


Problem Set 1 Submissions

Please e-mail your ps1 to 6857-tas@mit.edu.


Problem set 1

Problem set 1 has been posted. See the resources page for the data files for problem 2.

The problem is due in about two weeks (Friday, February 18) on this website. Submissions must be turned in online; a submission box will be posted soon.


Online course signup

Please fill out the online 6.857 signup form by Friday night.

In addition, if you missed class today, the course information handout (PDF) is available online.


Events to put on your calendar

There are two events we'd like to encourage you to attend if you can.

First, Professor Rivest is giving the Killian Award lecture next week on “The Growth of Cryptography”. The content will of course be relevant to the class, and you are all highly encouraged to attend. This will take place in 10-250 on Tuesday, February 8, 4:00-5:30 pm.

In addition, Northrop Grumman is presenting a tech talk on “Cybersecurity: The DoD's New Battleground and Why You Should Care” on Wednesday, February 2 (the first day of class) in 32-155. Students of network and computer security will likely find the content relevant.

The course calendar (also below) will list events like this and other important 6.857 dates and deadlines. You can subscribe to it in your calendar application.

See you Wednesday!



More information about this term will be posted soon. For now, you can look at the previous terms' websites.

If you have any questions about the class, e-mail 6857-staff@mit.edu.

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