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6.857: Computer and Network Security

Term Projects Presentation Time Slots

Each group has been assigned a time slot. We expect you to use about 10 minutes for your presentation. This leaves a couple minutes for questions, and a few extra minutes for the next group to set up. If you are the first group to present, make sure you arrive on time.

Monday (5/11)

11:10 Perry Hung, Ethan Heilman, Andrew Meyer
11:25 Victor Chan, Alice Gao, Junyu Wang
11:40 Elette Boyle, David Harvison, Raluca Ada Popa
11:55 Aleksandar Zlateski, Ranko Sredojevic
11:55 Tom Brown, Austin Chu, Michael McGraw-Herdeg, Nick Semenkovich

Wednesday (5/13)

11:55 Curtis Liu, Kevin Modzelewski, Manal Dia
11:55 Sarah Cheng, Ethan Heilman, Victoria Popic
11:55 Erik Chen, Rong Hu, Eric Marion, Michael Scarito
11:55 Vinayak Ranade, Jeremy Smith, Ben Switala
11:55 Victor Williamson, Siddhartha Maddi, David Feldman, Oliver Yeh