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6.857: Computer and Network Security

MIT 6.857 Fall 2009 SHA-3 Homework Solutions

MIT's class 6.857 (Computer and Network Security, Fall 2009), taught by Professor Ronald L. Rivest, was given a homework assignment to review some of the submissions to the NIST SHA-3 Hash Function Competition with respect to the arguments made by the submitters about the security of their proposals. The homework assignment itself is given here (see Problem 3).

Professor Rivest invited the students to post their homework solutions online, for public review, in the belief that this might be helpful to the SHA-3 process.

So, they are posted here. However, the following caveats and understandings apply:

Nonetheless, even with all of these caveats, it might be useful and/or interesting to others examining the SHA-3 candidate algorithms to see what a class of MIT students studying security thought of the security documentation of the SHA-3 proposals in such an initial review.

We do not intend to post corrections or updates to these homework postings. Substantial comments regarding any points made in these evaluations should be posted on the hash-forum mailing list: hash-forum at nist dot gov.

Here are the evaluations: