6.846 Parallel Computing (H)

Spring 2010

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Course webpage: http://courses.csail.mit.edu/6.846/

Meeting Times: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:30-4pm in room 4-237

Prerequisite: 6.004 or permission of instructor

Units: 3-0-9, H-level grad credit



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If there is no link to a handout, it is not available electronically. You can get hard copy from Justin, Charles, or Cree in their offices.

Final Project

The final project consists of two parts. The Project Proposal is a 1-page document describing the project idea, group members as well as the division of labor. This portion will be due Mar 18, 2010. The actual project will require a demonstration to one of the TA's demonstrating that the project works, a copy of the source code as well as a presentation given to the class during the last week of class.

The project may be on the assigned problem (detailed information provided below) or a project of your chosing. There are several resources for projects to work on including research students in CSAIL. Please contact the TAs if you are interested in pursuing one of these.

Teams of 3 are preferred, however teams of 2 or 1 will be allowed. In a team based project an evaluation of different approaches to a parallel application can be provided by dividing the methods between team members. Examples include implementing the same applications using many programming styles. Implement the same application using different partitioning methods. Implement different algorithms for the same problem.

Project Ideas

Design Contest

The design contest is intended for those that do not have a project of their own. The details of this contest are povided in this presentation: Design Contest.


Pthreads tutorial online

Sample pthreads programs