6.801/6.866 Machine Vision

Fall 2009

Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:00 in 4-149


        Welcome to 6.801/6.866 to find out how to reconstruct 3D world from 2D images !

        1. Quiz II has been posted.

        2. Quick Review of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors has been posted.

        3. Please refer the Resources and Related Links for several new concepts:

          Quaternions and Rotations (PDF 50 kb)

Platonic Solids (Regular Polyhedra)
Archimedian Solids (Semiregular Polyhedra)

Course Information

B.K.P. Horn, Robot Vision
(errata page was distributed in the first class, you can also download it from here.)
          The textbook is ordered for Quantum Books, not the Coop.

    Grading Policy
Course # Homework Take-home quizzes Final project
6.866 33% 33% 33%
6.801 50% 50%  

    Term Paper/Project
Students in the graduate version (6.866) will write a term paper on a subject related to the material in the course.
There is no final exam.
There will be two take-home quizzes, which are just like problem sets, only longer, and worth more points. They will be approximately on the weeks of Oct. and Nov.


                Instructor          Professor Berthold K.P. Horn.
32-D434 (Map)
(617) 253-5863
Office Hours By appointment.
Teaching Assistanct Yajun Fang
Office Hours Tuesday 5m-6pm, Wednesday 5m-6pm 24-308.

Mailing Lists:

     6-801@csail.mit.edu,           6-866@csail.mit.edu

    To sign in or to drop off:


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