Designed with simplicity and purity in mind, the arched bench is meant to be easily reproducible in a short period of time. The only modification to the books is two small holes drilled in each one. The thickness of the small paperback spacer books sets the curve of the arch (the thicker the spacers, the more circular the arch). The final step is to run a pair of all-thread rods through the holes, add the compression bars and tighten the nuts. The act of tightening the nuts creates the arched shape naturally.
Noel Davis

As electronic information becomes more and more popular, large collections of hard-bound books, such as encyclopedias, are becoming obsolete. With this thought in mind, I wanted to develop a piece that showcased the durability and permanence of these types of books. While today, electronic encyclopedias are updated every year, the hardbound versions used to last decades. This piece is a reminder that as printed reference books disappear from shelves, they are not forgotten, nor have they lost their place in our libraries.

>> Noel presenting his Bench
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