Building With Books began in 2004 as an elective course during MIT's January Term, IAP (Independent Activities Period). The activity was sponsored by the Department of Architecture and MIT Libraries. Disused books were donated by the City-Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library, Justin Adams of the MIT Environmental Office, CSAIL Reading Room, and MIT Libraries.

This web site is an information page documenting the exhibitions, artists' projects, photographs of the process, publicity posters, and contact information.

LEFT TO RIGHT: John Ochsendorf (Organizer), Lisa Smith ('04), Jen Mitchel ('07), Martin Demaine (Organizer), Augusta Dibbell ('07), Noel Davis ('04), Simon Halpern ('04), Stephanie Hartman (Organizer)

Our exhibition, A Bibliophiles Bedroom, was on display at the Boston Public Library's Defferrari Hall for the months of April and June 2004, and before that at MIT's Rotch Library for the months of February and March 2004.

You can now find a few pieces from the exhibition at MIT CSAIL's William R. Hewlett Reading Room. All other pieces are now with their owners.