6.UAT Workshops Spring 2018

Schedule & Signup

Signups start 1-2 weeks before the workshops occur and are first-come first-served.
If you signup for multiple workshops happening on the same day, your name will be removed from all of those signup lists.
If a workshop is full, you could show up at the start of the workshop to see if there is space (people sometimes sign up and then change their mind and don't attend).
Workshop Descriptions
Doing Demos
The backbone of any powerful demo is preparation. Master the art of wowing any audience in this workshop by anticipating common problems and recovering from the unexpected.
Effective Email
[Geared towards underclassmen] You will write more emails in your life than you will make slides. To improve your effectiveness with this vital communication medium, we will qualify what constitutes an effective email by analyzing a few common pitfalls and practice the skill in small group activities.
No one says you have to use your hands when you speak, but they can certainly help you get your message across better. What to do with your hands? Here are some ideas: minimize movement with fixed points, establish place holders, and consider viewer frame of reference. Get started on your "hand-waving" journey!
Teaching Outside Classroom
"Ever been asked directions around campus by a tourist and had them walk away looking confused? Although you might not teach a class, life often requires us to teach others outside the classroom. In this workshop, we'll practice giving practical instructions effectively by acting out scenarios where you might find yourself teaching. Become more helpful, and make tourists less hapless!"
Negotiation: The Basics
Whether it's changing the terms of a job offer, getting a better price on used hardware, or paying less for avocados at a farmers market, negotiations pop up all the time. If we are unprepared for them we can miss out on major opportunities to claim value. Come learn effective negotiation tactics and put them to practice! (This workshop is designed for students with little-to-no negotiation experience.)
Negotiation: Integrative Bargaining
Building upon the skills discussed in the first workshop, we will dive deeper into a situation where multiple issues are at stake. While these situations may seem like win-lose, you can often turn them into win-win for both parties. Learn how to create more value and build relationships with your trading partners! (This workshop is designed for students with some previous negotiation experience. Strong preference those who attended the first negotiation workshop.)
Volume: From whispering to projecting
Imagine giving a speech in 10-250. Now imagine you're halfway through and your mic cuts out. It's unsalvageable. You'll need to be able to project your voice from the chalkboard all the way to the nosebleed seats way in the back, while also having enough volume variation to stress your points. In this workshop, you'll learn how to be project your voice without yelling by optimizing your breathing, doing vocal exercises, and improv-ing speeches.
Impromptu Speaking!
Ever been asked to give a speech last minute? Make a toast at a party? Asked to speak about something you did not prepare for? Learn how to effectively speak on the spot! We will do exercises to practice coming up with short speeches ranging from speaking on a randomly drawn quote to selling a bad product (ex. a crumpled up piece of paper) Maintain composure even when you are caught off guard.
You listed that assembly language under “proficient skills,” but do you actually remember anything from 6.004? Prove to your interviewer that you’re really as qualified as your resume claims you are. We’ll practice framing your project contributions in the best light possible, approaching technical questions, and communicating your thought process in an interview setting. (Workshop examples will be 6-3 related, but the techniques can be applied to any flavor of 6.)
Behavioral Interviews
What is your greatest weakness? After this workshop, it won't be behavioral interviews! We will work on formulating answers to commonly asked questions, building a rapport with your interviewer, and staying calm and collected in an interview setting.
Craving clever crafts? Wanna dabble a bit in language, wanna meddle a bit with language? Get back in touch with the humanities! In this workshop, we will examine various ways to enhance and polish the structure of your speeches using nothing but words. Rhetoric is here for you.