6.UAT Workshops Fall 2018

Workshop Schedule

Note: Doing Demos is not offered on Oct 15 and Oct 17; instead it will be offered 9am on Oct 22 and 9am on Oct 24.


Signups start a few days before the workshops occur and are first-come first-served. We will make an announcement in lecture/over email.
If you signup for multiple workshops happening on the same day, your name will be removed from all of those signup lists.
The material covered in each of the three offerings of a workshop is identical, so only sign up once for a particular workshop.
If a workshop is full, you could show up at the start to see if there is space (people sign up, change their mind and then don't attend).

Workshop Descriptions
Behavioral Interviews (Linda)
At an interview, when asked what your greatest weakness is, your answer shouldn't be "behavioral interviews". In this workshop, we'll brainstorm responses to common behavioral questions, work on structuring your experiences, and practice answering follow ups on the fly. At the end, you'll have a story for just about any situation.(Limit 10)
Connecting Course 6 to the Rest of the World (David)
How do you get your audience to understand something technical? Similarly, how do you learn a new idea? Relate to your audience and make new connections when learning new material by making analogies between Course 6 ideas and the rest of the world. (Limit 15)
Doing Demos (Kenny)
Only offered on Oct 22 9am and 10am, and Oct 24 9am.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a live demo must be worth millions. Demonstrations can help the audience understand a concept in deeper ways than a verbal description. For a demo to be effective, it must go smoothly. But it's hard to have a perfect demo. You can increase the chances of a powerful demo by carefully choosing what to demo, knowing how to prepare, and recovering in real time if something goes wrong. (Limit 15)
Gesturing (Tony)
No one says you have to use your hands when you speak, but they can certainly help you get your message across better. What to do with your hands? Here are some ideas: minimize movement with fixed points, establish place holders, and consider viewer frame of reference. Get started on your "hand-waving" journey! (Limit 16)
Impromptu Speaking (Anu)
Ever been asked to comment on something - say during an interview or in class? Learn how to impromptu speak - i.e. speaking when you have no time to prepare, by generating ideas quickly and structuring for flow (for content) and managing space and time effectively (for delivery). (Limit 10)
Improv (W5 Tony)
Searching for the right thing to say? No need to search, and there's no such thing as the "right" thing. It's not about thinking, being funny or saying something clever; it's about paying attention, being in the moment and saying the obvious! (No Limit)
Preparation (Mitchell)
Being prepared can't hurt. In fact, it'll ease presentations, improve time management, and even streamline origami folding as long as one spends time and thinks things through. "What could go wrong?" is the right question to ask, and "Plan B" is the answer. (Limit 12)
Rhetoric (Long)
Ever wanted to get in touch with your love for words? Say no more! Through this workshop, by exploring different techniques for giving your talks and presentations that extra 'oomph!', you'll walk out a seasoned server of dazzling delicacies. (Limit 18)
Selling Yourself (Christie)
You made it through the final interview, nailed every technical question, breezed through the behavioral interview, but get rejected because you weren't a "fit" for the company. This workshop will discuss how to reframe and sell yourself as a fit to your dream company by re-aligning your stories to company values, and showing them what you can offer, not what they can offer you.
Taking Up Space (Laura)
Do you ever find yourself standing in one spot when presenting? How can you use your physical space around you to make your talk better? In this workshop we'll explore how to increase your stage presence by engaging the space around you! (Limit 10)
Technical Interviewing (Alex)
This workshop will strengthen your technical interviewing by teaching you what to say in the interview and when to say it. We'll cover various techniques to buy time to think about the problem, effectively communicate solutions, and clarify any questions. Geared specifically towards software interviews- knowledge of 6.006 assumed. (Limit 10)
Vocal Variation (W1 Tony)
If everything that you say is delivered in the same exact way, with little variation in your speech, then it's easy for an audience to lose focus and miss your message. Help your audience separate the signal from the noise. Help them parse (and consequently better understand) what it is you are saying by using ideas like silence, emphasis, speed and intonation to verbally punctuate your speech. (No Limit)