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6.UAT Oral Communication
Spring 2017

Lecture: MW, 34-101, 10am-11am (not every week - see calendar)
Recitation: TR, 32-044, one hour scheduled through this website
Office Hours: MW (see schedule here)

Apr 3, 2017
Signups for Pitch Days Application CheckOff
Sign-up if you want to pitch an idea that is relevant to Anne Hunter, Dean Nelson, Dean Freeman or Tony. Closes this Friday @5pm.
Mar 27, 2017
Current High School Program
Mar 18, 2017
Rooms for Wed Mar 22nd, Rescheduled Recitation
Due to the snowstorm, the recitation that was originally set for March 23rd will be held during lecture time on March 22nd, but we will divide the class up into various rooms. Please go directly to the room listed for your section.
	Classroom:34-101 Section 10
	Classroom:24-307 Section 6
	Classroom:26-142 Section 2
	Classroom:26-168 Section 3 
	Classroom:26-210 Section 19
	Classroom:26-310 Section 21
	Classroom:26-314 Section 20 
	Classroom:34-303 Section 17 
	Classroom:34-304 Section 14 
	Classroom:35-310 Section 4 
	Classroom:36-156 Section 13 
	Classroom:36-372 Section 12 
	Classroom:38-166 Section 1 
	Classroom: 66-160 Section 9 
	Classroom: 66-154 Section 11 

	Sections 7, 8, 16, 18 divided up among the above rooms;  TA should have notified affected students.
Mar 16, 2017
Negotiation Game Debrief (for those who played)
If interested, here is a video that debriefs some ideas from the negotiation game, and sample results (from non-UAT class) plotted against efficient optimal frontier.
Mar 13, 2017
Snow Day Tues Mar 14
MIT is closed tomorrow so recitations are (again) cancelled.
If you were suppose to present tomorrow, you are now presenting during recitation in 10 days time (Thursday, March 23rd).
However, there will also be a recitation rescheduled to Wednesday, March 22nd, during normal lecture time (location, TBA). Please mark your calendars!
Mar 6, 2017, updated Mar 11, 2017
Prelim HS Program Draft
Preliminary Draft of HS Conference: Figure out which room you are in and who will collect your slides. If there isn't one, consider volunteering to be the slide collector for your room. We will beautify and update the program as titles become available; latest draft will always be on the website. Email Jessica any changes/edits.
Feb 27, 2017
L4-Related Links
  1. Edit wiki to Claim an Overdone Topic for Intuition Talk
  2. Google Form to sign up for MIT Museum App CheckOff: closes March 17th (closed)
  3. To submit your intuition talk by-statement, look under the Assignments tab
Feb 17, 2017
Link to Virtual L3 Lecture
Video for L3 : best to watch before you craft slides for your Previous Project Talk.
Feb 1, 2017
Webserver Account and Recitation Selection
Please (1) create an account on this website (takes ~20 minutes), and then (2) login to select a recitation. Attend the recitation that you signed up for and are officially in.

@Seniors - make sure you select a recitation before they fill up.

If you are in a recitation: if you drop 6.UAT, let Tony know; if you miss R1+R2 (and we don't hear from you), we'll assume you dropped.

Can't make any open recitation? Then (1) email your entire TR class schedule to tleng[at], and (2) temporarily attend any section that fits your schedule.

If you are not officially in a section by Week 3, you may have to defer 6.UAT.

January 15, 2017
Welcome to 6.UAT

Welcome to the class site for 6.UAT, Spring 2017! This website is being prepared for the new semester. This course will (1) encourage you to think about effective oral technical communication, and (2) equip you with communication skills necessary to succeed in a professional technical academic/industry setting. We will provide you with opportunities to practice your skills and create mechanisms for feedback to help you strengthen them.