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6.UAT Oral Communication
Fall 2017

Paper Options for 6.UAT Chalk Talk Assignment

You will present one of these papers in section; each paper may only be presented by at most one student per section!

#1 Panoramic Weaving (computer vision)

#2 Macaroons: Cookies with Contextual Caveats for Decentralized Authorization in the Cloud (security)

#3 FM Backscatter: Enabling Connected Cities and Smart Fabrics (signals and electromagnetics)

#4 Homomorphic Hashing (algorithms)

#5 Cardinality Estimation (algorithms and big data)

#6 Bloom filters (set theory and algorithms)

#7 Brain Computer Interface (HCI and future computing)

#8 Generative Adversarial Neural Networks (deep learning)

#9 Solving Traveling Salesman Problems with DNA Molecules Encoding Numerical Values (biocomputation)