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6.UAT Oral Communication
Spring 2018

Staff BioSketches

Lecturer Recitation Instructors (RIs) Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Past "Best TA" Award Recipients

Tony Eng(Area II) finished his degrees at MIT and is now a Senior Lecturer in EECS. He has been involved with 6.001 (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs) for a number of years, and now heads 6.UAT. He has also taught various other courses in entrepreneurship and oral communication. His background (Computer Science, Biology, and Math), and his previous areas of research (Networking, Cryptography, Computation and Biology, and Text Mining) are symptomatic of an individual who gets bored easily. He has a passion for learning about and trying new things; an explorer and dilettante at heart, he'll try most things twice.

Jack Gordon is a senior majoring in computer science and engineering. He has taken a massive random walk through his time at the Institute, taking classes in film, German, and political science, while also switching courses twice. Outside of class, you're most likely to find Jack out on the Charles River in the wee hours of the morning as a member of the heavyweight crew team, trying new recipes in the kitchen, or watching yet another episode of Twin Peaks.
Amar Gupta has spent the bulk of his academic career at MIT and is currently working there in close collaboration with colleagues from the Institute for Medical Engineering & Science (IMES) and CSAIL. Dr. Gupta holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, a masters degree in management (from MIT Sloan School) and a doctorate in Computer Science. He worked at the MIT Sloan School for 25 years (1979-2004), the summers from 2005 thru 2012, and then from September 2015 to the present. He served as an advisor to various agencies of the United Nations and has published 12 books. He has published papers in journals from diverse fields and has played a significant role in nucleating several technologies that are in broad use today.
Mitchell Hwang is a senior majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. He concentrated in Korean and interned with the Game AI Team at NCSOFT in Korea. For hobbies, he loves to play sports and dance. You might even catch him longboarding to classes as long as its not raining or snowing.
Shaiyan Keshvari studies human vision and hearing from a modeling perspective, using various mathematical techniques, from Bayesian inference to signal processing and deep learning, to attempt to describe how humans perceive the world.
Michelle Lauer is a computer science MEng student, doing research with LIDS at the intersection of energy studies and computer science. The MIT boathouse is her second home on campus, and she's been a member of the lightweight women's crew team for four years. When she's not in class or at practice, she's usually walking around Boston, finding excuses to code, or baking with friends. She really appreciates bad puns.
Jennifer Lee is a senior double majoring in 6-7 (Computer Science & Molecular Biology) and 21M (Music). Most of her time outside of class is spent at cheerleading practice, napping at home, or out grocery shopping for fun. Post-graduation, Jennifer plans on attending medical school, and then ultimately returning for her MEng. Fun fact: she has watched every season of The Great British Baking Show several times (and would rate the bread episodes 11/10!!).
Jason Miller is a Research Scientist in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). His research interests include multicore processor and system architecture, simulators, and adaptive self-optimizing computer systems. Past projects include the Raw multicore processor, the ATAC nanophotonic processor, the Graphite multicore simulator, and the SEEC adaptive runtime system. Dr. Miller first arrived at MIT as a freshman in 1994 and refuses to leave, earning his SB and MEng degrees in 1999 and his PhD in 2007, all in Course 6. He lives in Woburn with his wife and twin girls and enjoys cycling, hiking and home improvement in his spare time.
Remi Mir is a senior in Comp Sci, with a concentration in Theatre Arts and an interest in machine learning. (Look up DeepDream and you'll probably be interested too!) She enjoys teaching kids how to code, microblogging (because "tumblring" isn't fetch yet), and alliteration.
Long Nguyen is a junior majoring in 6-3 and concentrating in the Korean language at MIT. He is interested in computer systems, though he currently has no idea whether his future entails working in industry, being a stay-at-home dad, or backpacking throughout Southeast Asia. He loves all things musical and is well-versed in the art of gaming: Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Kingdom Hearts... need he say more? He hopes to have an impact on our students here in 6.UAT.
Jorg Scholvin grew up in Germany and attended MIT as an undergraduate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering where he focused on CMOS technology for RF power applications. After working at UBS in Stamford CT for three years, Jorg returned to MIT for postdoctoral research in Prof. Ed Boyden’s lab, where he is currently a research scientist working at the intersection of microfabrication and neurotechnology, to create innovative large-scale brain recording technologies.
Drew Titus is a Computer Science MEng student whose research interests include speech recognition and artificial intelligence. Drew has interned at Apple for the past two years, working on both iOS system software and Siri. Drew also minored in German as an undergrad and participated in the MISTI Global Teaching Labs program in Germany twice. Outside of research, Drew plays bass and guitar in a band and enjoys playing golf and skiing.
Anuhya Vajapey is a senior studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is interested in machine learning and data science and really into startups but wants to MEng next year in a lab tbd. Outside of academics, she loves being active by running, playing tennis, and doing karate. An avid music lover, she likes singing and playing drum set in a band (that Drew refused to join, thanks Drew :P)
Luis Fernando Velasquez is a Principal Scientist with the Microsystems Technology Laboratories of MIT. He is a microfabrication expert and a MEMS expert. He leads a group that conducts research on micro and nano enabled multiplexed scaled-down systems for space, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and analytical applications that exploit high-electric field phenomena, e.g., electrospray, electrospinning, electron impact ionization, field emission, field ionization, plasmas, and X-rays. He was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. He received is BS degrees from Los Andes University and his MS and PhD degrees from MIT.
Cardinal Warde has been on the EECS faculty for over 30 years. His research interests include optoelectronic neural network processors, infrared imaging sensors, adaptive optics, displays, and materials and devices for optical information processing. He holds eleven patents and has founded two companies: one engaged in transparent CMOS microdisplays and the other in optical MEMS. He is always looking for new tennis opponents.
Linda Zhang is a senior majoring in electrical engineering and computer science and minoring in economics. She enjoys glass blowing, organizing SaveTFP events, collecting Texas-themed memorabilia, and being uncomfortable (generally in that order). Tell her a story!