Spring 2016

Staff BioSketches

Francis Chen is a recent MIT graduate (Class of 2015, 6-3) and current M.Eng. student. His thesis will involve building neurologically plausible models of the human vision system, working with Professor Tomaso Poggio. He enjoys engineering (machine learning, UX design), art (music, cooking), and various other activities (running, sailing, and things involving adrenaline).
Virginia Chiu is an M.Eng student in computer science interested in computer architecture and systems. She enjoys powerlifting, cooking, and baking.
Alex Chumbley is a senior in course 6, soon to be in the MEng program. He works in the Software Design Group in CSAIL on newer and better ways to design systems. Exciting stuff. A huge fan of making all kinds of apps and then talking about them, he highly recommends both 6.UAT and 6.170.
A member of LCA, Alex is a diehard Falcons fan, an average dresser, and a huge - though hopeless - fan of karaoke.
Tony Eng(Area II) finished his degrees at MIT and is now a Senior Lecturer in EECS. He has been involved with 6.001 (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs) for a number of years, and now heads 6.UAT. He has also taught various other courses in entrepreneurship and oral communication. His background (Computer Science, Biology, and Math), and his previous areas of research (Networking, Cryptography, Computation and Biology, and Text Mining) are symptomatic of an individual who gets bored easily. He has a passion for learning about and trying new things; an explorer and dilettante at heart, he'll try most things twice.

Timothy Lu is an assistant professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Biological Engineering at MIT. His research is on synthetic biology, where the goal is to design genetic circuits that function in living cells for a broad range of goals, including biocomputation, biomedical applications, and biotechnology. He graduated from MIT with a S.B. and M.Eng. in 6-2 in 2003, and subsequently received his M.D./Ph.D. from the HST program.
Muriel Medard is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT. She was previously an Assistant Professor in the ECE Department at UIUC and a Staff Member at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. She received B.S. degrees in EECS, in Mathematics, and in Humanities, as well as M.S. and Sc D. degrees in EE, all from MIT. Professor Medard's research interests are in the areas of network coding and reliable communications, particularly for optical and wireless networks.
Jason Miller is a Research Scientist in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). His research interests include multicore processor and system architecture, simulators, and adaptive self-optimizing computer systems. Past projects include the Raw multicore processor, the ATAC nanophotonic processor, the Graphite multicore simulator, and the SEEC adaptive runtime system. Dr. Miller first arrived at MIT as a freshman in 1994 and refuses to leave, earning his SB and MEng degrees in 1999 and his PhD in 2007, all in Course 6. He lives in Woburn with his wife and twin girls and enjoys cycling, hiking and home improvement in his spare time.
Nikhil Punwaney is a junior at MIT pursuing his bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in Economics. Nikhil was born in Mumbai, India and grew up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nikhil is extremely passionate about about adrenaline sports, squash, soccer, public speaking, dance and hiking.
Nick Uhlenhuth (TA) is a Senior studying 6-3. When he isn't doing school work, he's playing drums and singing in the shower.
Luis Fernando Velasquez is a Principal Scientist with the Microsystems Technology Laboratories of MIT. He is a microfabrication expert and a MEMS expert. He leads a group that conducts research on micro and nano enabled multiplexed scaled-down systems for space, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and analytical applications that exploit high-electric field phenomena, e.g., electrospray, electrospinning, electron impact ionization, field emission, field ionization, plasmas, and X-rays. He was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. He received is BS degrees from Los Andes University and his MS and PhD degrees from MIT.
Emily Zhang is doing her M.Eng under Prof. Michael Cuthbert in computational musicology. She is working on creating data structures to represent "music", which can then be used to solve some of musicology's biggest questions (e.g. "Did composer X write this, or did his apprentice?"). When not in class, you can usually find her cooking and feeding other people, at the gym, or in the World Music Room. Talk to her in English, Chinese, Spanish, or Russian, or write to her in Latin.