6.S080: Mechanical Invention through Computation

Profs. Erik Demaine, Chuck Hoberman, Daniela Rus

Spring 2013

Final Project

The final assignment is to (in a group of ~4 people) demonstrate new mechanical designs and inventive behavior through either

or a combination thereof. The project emphasis may be chosen according to the particular interests of the group.

Student groups will need to prepare a short proposal outlining the conceptual framework and a concise narrative of their piece, as well as an implementation strategy for the final project. This proposal should include project timeline and overall objectives.

For students producing physical pieces proposals should specify materials, fabrication methods, and strategies for physical actuation, whether through manual interaction or controlled motorization.

For students producing software pieces, proposals should explain how they see the application can be used for parametric design of mechanism types, as well as to facilitate inventive exploration itself.

For students producing mathematical pieces, proposals should describe an open problem to tackle and some evidence that the problem can be solved. For example, if you plan to algorithmically design a family of mechanisms, a natural starting point is to find working examples within this family.

General goals: