Oral Exercise: Narrative Speech (Story)



Tell a short story that you're familiar with - something you've told before and are likely to tell again. It should be something from your own personal experience - e.g. something funny or memorable that happened to you, what your first time doing something was like, etc.

The story should be 3-4 minutes long -- i.e. at least three minutes, at most four. You will be cut off if you if you exceed this limit by 15 seconds.

Try to make the storying engaging and interesting - include enough detail (content) and emotion (delivery) so that we can "relive" the moment, but not too much irrelevant or extraneous material that detracts from the story.

To be checked off for tutorial you should: (1) show your tutor an outline or visual storyboard of your story, (2) tell your story in tutorial. Practice your story before coming to tutorial! You may want to memorize the outline (i.e. ordering of events), but do not memorize the text of your story. You are to tell the story, not recite it.

No notes, slides nor visual aids are allowed.


Your grade (max of 4.0) will be determined as follows:

Scoring: 1 point for each of the above (unless otherwise specified), take sum (total possible = 18), then divide by 4 and round up to nearest tenth.

Last Modified: Aug 23, 2012