Oral Exercise: Informative Speech


You should teach/show/clarify/inform us about a topic (e.g. an object, process, concept, event, etc) that you are passionate about and know well. Your speech should have a main point (a thesis) and several supporting points (e.g. when applicable: a story, an example, statistic, testimony, etc). You should cite any sources you use verbally during the speech.

The speech should be 4-6 minutes long -- i.e. at least four minutes, at most six. You will be cut off if you if you exceed this limit by 15 seconds.

You may find it helpful to write out your speech, but do not memorize it (you don't have the time). It is best if you know your main points (outline them), and speak extemporaneously. (You presumably did this in the previous assignment -- you knew the ordering of events in the story you told last week, but each time you tell the same story, the exact words you used were proobably different.) If you like you can memorize your introduction and your conclusion, since both of these should be thought out beforehand, and memorizing the introduction will also help you calm your nerves.

No slides or visual aids are allowed.

To be checked off: bring a brief outline of your speech to tutorial, have a title and practice beforehand.


Your grade (max of 4.0) will be determined as follows:

Scoring: 1 point for each of the above (unless otherwise specified), take sum (total possible = 19), then divide by 4 and round up to nearest tenth.

Last Modified: Aug 23, 2012