More boards have been requested, so here are some more boards.
All of these boards satisfy the following constraints:

  • They can be solved without guessing.
  • They do not require knowing how many mines there are.
  • They do not require patterns larger than 5x5.
  • And naturally, the boards used in the competition will also maintain these constraints.

    Just unpack the boards into the "boards" directory of SmartSweeper.
    SmartSweeper makes a button for every xml file in the "boards" directory.

    Also, you may want version 1.2+ of SmartSweeper so that the large number of board buttons doesn't make the SmartSweeper window really wide ;)

    Board Set B (20 boards) tar zip

    Need More? You can also generate boards by running Board instead of SmartSweeper in version 1.0 (I recommend unpacking version 1.0 to a temp directory, modifying run.bat to run Board, and then copying the boards you want to your regular SmartSweeper/boards directory). Anyway, this program will generate 40 random boards and store them in the boards directory with names like 5.xml. Note that it will overwrite files in the boards directory, so be careful. Also note that it can take a while, so you may want to kill the process after it has generated enough boards. Finally, note that the number of each file refers to the difficulty of the board; that is, the number indicates how many times my solver had to use a non-trivial rule to solve the board. For reference, hard.xml has difficulty level 24.