6.857: Computer and Network Security

Term Projects Presentation Time Slots

Each group has been assigned a fifteen-minute time slot. We expect you to use 10 minutes for your presentation. This leaves a couple minutes for questions, and a few extra minutes for the next group to setup. If you are the first group to present, make sure you arrive on time.

Wednesday (12/06)

11:10 Designing Graphical Password Schemes, Tiffany Dohzen, Ricarose Roque, and Tamara Stern.
11:25 A survey of the meaning of trust across websites and a trust recommendation system to promote safe surfing. Solomon Bisker, Vikki Chou, and Sarah Wu.
11:40Web site verification, Matt Doherty, John Nham, Calvin On, and Kevin Su.
11:55 Designing a ``Really Nasty'' Rogue Wireless Access Point, David Dryjanski, Michael Naber, and Andrew Shafer.
12:10A Study of MIT Information Systems, Jeff Cohen, Anders Kaseorg, Elizabeth Lovegrove, and Y. Zhou.

Monday (12/11)

11:10Time-Lapse Cryptography, Chris Thorpe and Dan Williams.
11:25 Client-Side Issues Related to Developing World Anonymity, Jacob Stultz, Josh Wilson, and Chris Walker.
11:40 Usability and Security of ThreeBallot, Greb Belote, Harvey Jones, and Jason Juang.
11:55A Security Analysis of Web Browsing With Tor, Tim Abbott, Katherine Lai, Michael Lieberman, and Eric Price.
12:10 Security of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Jongmin Baek, Jichao Qian, and Shinya Umeno.

Wednesday (12/13)

11:10(Title?), Anton Katz, Michael Murray, Jon Grimm, and Matt Brown.
11:25MUSSO: A Multi-User Single Sign-On System, MinJi Kim, Sanjukta, Jonathan Rhodes, and Kah Seng Tay.
11:40Practical Physical Authentication for the Web, Mankinde Adeagbo and David Blau.
11:55MP3 Steganography, Brian Jacokes, Yuliya Kodysh, and Andrew Lisy.
12:10SPP: A Security Protocol for Peer-to-Peer systems, Yosi Scharf, Kah Keng Tay, and Quang Hieu Vu.