6.851: Advanced Data Structures (Spring'21)

Prof. Erik Demaine     TAs: Josh Brunner, Yevhenii Diomidov, Dylan Hendrickson

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[+] Succinct: compact suffix arrays and trees
This lecture continues our theme of succinct data structures. Building on our expertise with succinct tries, we'll continue on to the practical problem of indexing text with suffix arrays/trees, where several compact and some succinct results are known, with reasonably small (though suboptimal) slowdowns in query time. We'll cover a simple version (not the best) of the historically first such result, which is a compact suffix array that incurs a logε overhead in queries. Then we'll see how to turn any suffix array into a suffix tree with very little (succinct) additional space overhead. We'll get to use our friends (rank, select, balanced parentheses) from last lecture.

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Lecture notes, page 1/7[previous page][next page][PDF]

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