6.046J / 18.410J
Introduction to Algorithms
Spring 2002


The goal of homework is to give you practice in mastering the course material. Consequently, you are encouraged to collaborate on problem sets. In fact, students who form study groups generally do better on exams than do students who work alone. If you do work in a study group, however, you owe it to yourself and your group to be prepared for your study group meeting. Specifically, you should spend at least 30-45 minutes trying to solve each problem beforehand. If your group is unable to solve a problem, talk to other groups or ask your recitation instructor.

You must write up each problem solution by yourself without assistance, however, even if you collaborate with others to solve the problem. You are asked on problem sets to identify your collaborators. If you did not work with anyone, you should write "Collaborators: none". If you obtain a solution through research (e.g., on the web), acknowledge your source, but write up the solution in your own words.

No collaboration whatsoever is permitted on exams. The course has a take-home exam for the second quiz, which you must do entirely on your own, even though you will be permitted several days in which to do the exam. More details about the collaboration policy for the take-home exam will be forthcoming in the lecture on Thursday April 25th. Please note that this lecture constitutes part of the exam, and attendance is mandatory.

Plagiarism and other anti-intellectual behavior cannot be tolerated in any academic environment that prides itself on individual accomplishment. If you have any questions about the collaboration policy, or if you feel that you may have violated the policy, please talk to one of the course staff. Although the course staff is obligated to deal with cheating appropriately, we can be more understanding and lenient if we find out from the transgressor himself or herself rather than from a third party.