Mathematics for Computer Science

Staff Office Hours

Office Hours

**All times below are PM**

Mon 8-9 24-323 Maggie
Tue 6-7 24-323 Akhil
Tue 7-8 24-321 Annie, Ertem
Wed 7-8 24-317 Hongyu
Wed 8-9 24-317 Preksha
Thu 5-6 24-317 Jerry
Thu 6-7 24-317 Kevin, Candice
Thu 7-8 24-317 Jing
Sat 8-9 24-317 Elaheh

***Feel free to email 6042-tas to contact the TAs, 6042-instructors to contact the instructors, or stay after class today to ask the instructors or TAs in class questions***

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