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Past Term Websites

  • Spring '15 and this term's websites are public except for solutions. Spring '15 Solutions are accessible by registered student certificate. Other previous term websites are accessible by 6042 staff by MIT certificate.

  • Previous Terms:
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  • Staff Notes & Minutes

    Course Management

    • The door access code and alarm code to Room 32-082: 8-1-0-1
      To ENTER the classroom:
      1. Enter the code.
      2. The door lock will click and you should be able to open the door
      *Please remember that the doors remain locked at all times, even after
      entering the code. You may prop the classroom doors open if needed,
      but, please close them when leaving the classroom.
      To TURN OFF the alarm when entering the classroom:
      1. The alarm keypad is located on the wall between the two entry doors.
      2. Enter the room and close the door(s) behind you.
      3. Enter the code then ENTER and the alarm should deactivate. *you may
      have to do this twice.
      To SET the alarm when leaving the classroom:
      1. Be sure both entry doors are closed, lights are off and
      everyone has left the classroom.
      2. On the alarm keypad press the COMMAND button and then the 1.
      The alarm exit countdown should begin.
      3. Leave the classroom to your RIGHT and close the door behind you.    
      - This code is for instructor use only and is NOT to be distributed to
      - Please turn off the A/V equipment, lights, and close the door(s)
          upon leaving the classroom.
    • 32-082 Table Map
    • Current class email lists
    • Resources: Course websites, Stellar, AFS, Mailing lists, MITx, CSAIL Accounts, and SVN and Latex (also on navbar)
    • Web & Directory guide
    • MITx/6042r Spring '17 staff studio website
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