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Requesting Problem Regrades

Grading of psets and exams can be an uncertain process, and we are happy to have students question their grades. But our protocol is that

  • students should review the posted solution (on Stellar) and the grading rubric (in Gradescope) before raising any questions.
  • students should first direct regrade requests to their team coach.
Coaches are authorized to raise problem grades on Gradescope when they are confident that the grade change is appropriate. For example, nonstandard answers may be misunderstood by graders, but a coach may be persuaded by a student's explanation that the nonstandard answer deserves (more) credit.

When in any doubt about regrading, the coach should check with the problem grader and/or the . A student may also appeal their Coach's decision by contacting the

Grades will not be lowered, even if a grading mistake in the student's favor is found. We don't want to make it risky for a student to raise legitimate concerns about grading.

In any case, the coach should report regrades to 6042-gradesmaster.

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