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Submitting the Python Problem Sets

Your completed python problem sets (the Jupyer notebooks) will be submitted online through Stellar. Each problem set lives in its own folder. To submit your problem set, please zip the full folder with all its contents and upload it to Stellar.

Step by step instructions (using the VM)

  1. Make sure that your problem set is done and that tests (if any) pass. Also, please make sure that you run all the cells in the notebook and that all output is correct before hitting save for the last time. For grading, we want to see the outputs of your cells initially without having to execute your notebook cells.
  2. Open the file browser in the VM by clicking on the bottom left start menu → System Tools → File Manager PCManFM
  3. Navigate to the /home/student/jupyter/psets folder
  4. Select the directory of the Problem Set you want to submit (e.g. pset1-python-warmup for Problem Set 1)
  5. Right click → Compress
  6. Leave the standard settings
  7. Upload the resulting compressed file to Stellar (in this case ''pset1-python-warmup.tar.gz')
    • You can do that by navigating to the Stellar Page using the VM browser
    • You won't have your certificates installed in the VM, so you'll have to use your user name and password directly.
    • Alternatively, you could set up shared folders in VirtualBox. That way, you could access the folders in the VM where the pset is from your host operating system and upload it from there, where you probably have the MIT certificates installed.
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