Erik Demaine teaching 6.849 in Fall 2010 (with full video lectures available)

Martin Demaine blowing glass blindfold (in this video)

Jean-Jacques Quisquater giving a test lecture for HiDAlgo

Cool Algorithms: Video Recording for Future Generations

Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine, Jean-Jacques Quisquater

IAP 2011 class

Wed Jan 5, Thu Jan 6, 10am-4pm, 32-G575

No enrollment limit; no advance sign up; participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)

Cosponsored by EECS, CSAIL, SIPB

Announcement Poster

Theoretical computer science is at an exciting time: many major breakthroughs have been made, and the inventors of most major results are still alive. To preserve this history for future generations, the goal of the HiDAlgo project (High-Definition Algorithms) is to record people describing the important algorithms that they invented or that they love, in short freely available videos.

This IAP event will kick off this project. The first day will consist of trial runs, with participants experimenting with recording and editing video of themselves. We will also brainstorm styles for recording different types of lectures, and start developing a website with guidelines for submissions and a public repository of videos. The second day, we'll record a series of (short) invited lectures and edit them to seed this site with an interesting collection which we hope will grow.

Participants from any background welcome. In particular, we'd love your feedback on interview style, format, cinematography, editing, web, algorithms, people, etc.

Mailing List

If you're interested in the class as participant or listener, please join our mailing list, hidalgo-students.


Kickoff: current HiDAlgo vision, overview of open questions (style, interview, audience, cinematography, audio, editing, text, website, content, organization, parent/branding, funding).
Short lectures by people experienced with video: Begin brainstorming (if time).
Brainstorming: answering the many open questions.
Practice videography, audio engineering, interviews, editing.
We have 12 editing-ready iMacs in the New Media Center (26-139).
Can go into the evening as we wish.
Recording interviews of our speakers:
Discussion of what we learned from interviews, what should change.
Brainstorming: answering remaining open questions.
Give a try at real editing.
Start/plan website development.
Formation of a team for future HiDAlgo development.

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