Since the MIT Robo-One Workshop is a student run course, we primarily rely on company sponsors for any type of contribution they may wish to provide. Even though we have accepted only 4 student teams up to now, we are planning to drastically increase the number of students in January 2009. This class has the potential of becoming one of the biggest contests during IAP at MIT.

If your company is interested in being a sponsor for the MIT Robo-One Workshop, please email Prof. Tedrake, the class' mentor, at russt [at] Sponsors will benefit from students being exposed to their products and companies. Additionally, sponsors are encouraged to participate in the workshop through guest lectures and/or recruiting talks.

We are extremely grateful to our current sponsors:

Lockheed Martin Co.
Yushin Precision Equipment Co., Ltd
Shimafuji Electric Incorporated (in japanese)
Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd (in japanese)
Tsukumo Co., Ltd (in japanese)
Future Robotics Institute of Technology, Chiba Institute of Technology (in japanese)
Mr. Norio Okada greatly supports our class with a library for SEMB1200A.