IAP 2011
design. prototype. build.
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Interactive Technology Design
Instructors: Sheng-Ying (Aithne) Pao, Alexander Reben and Michael Bernstein
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Rob Miller
Jan 12-27 (excluding weekends and holidays), 4pm-6pm, E14-240 (E15-207 on 1/13 only)
6 units pass/fail
Technology products like the mouse and iPhone are not lucky hits: they are a purposeful marriage of technical expertise and attention to the design process. Those hoping to make an impact on the world with interactive technology need to know how to recognize design opportunities, to generate large numbers of ideas, to select the best idea, and to prototype it quickly and successfully. The goal of this course is to teach the skills of ideation, brainstorming and interaction prototyping to an audience with basic programming familiarity.
You will learn: design sketching and brainstorming, needfinding, prototyping techniques, Arduino. Class involves several hands-on projects and a final project prototype. Graduate students and undergraduates welcome.
The 2010 projects:

Course sponsorship provided by Design Continuum and Microsoft New England Research & Development Center.