Project Presentations

Project Proposals

Presentation Days:




Final Paper

Day One

Jeremy Fineman Linear Time Detection of Determinacy Races (ps) (pdf)
Seth Gilbert Concurrent Order Maintenance (ps) (pdf)
Zardosht Kasheff Parallelizing METIS (ps) (pdf)
Kunal Agrawal and Siddhartha Sen Adaptively Parallel Processor Allocation for Cilk Jobs (ps) (pdf)
Jim Sukha Atomic Transactions in Cilk (ps) (pdf)

Day Two

He Yuxiong and Wang Junqing Parallel Nondeterminator (ps) (pdf)
Zhang Jiahui and Neel Kamal New Cache-Oblivious Algorithms (ps) (pdf)

Day Three

Sean Lie An Integrated Hardware-Software Approach to Transactional Memory (ps) (pdf)
C. Scott Ananian Complex, Concurrent Transactions
Alexandru Caracas Fast Serial-Append File I/O Mode Support for Cilk (ps) (pdf)
Jason Hickey and Tyeler Quentmeyer A Space-Efficient Global Scheduler for Cilk (ps) (pdf)
Paul Youn Parallelizing Sorting (ps) (pdf)

Day Four

Kenneth C. Barr Accelerating Multiprocessor Simulation (ps) (pdf)
Sajindra Jayasena and Sharad Ganesh Automatic Conversion of Non Series-Parallel DAGs to Series Parallel DAGs (ps) (pdf)
Advait D.Karande and Sriram Saroop Cache-Oblivious Sorting for Burrows-Wheeler Transform (ps) (pdf)
Xie Yong Transactions in Cilk (ps) (pdf)

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