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Feb 10

This webpage has moved to 6.875. Let me know if you have any problems with accessing that site-- it is a lot easier for me to post things, and there wont be any IE html problems.

On Stellar, you can find a new version of Dana Angluin's notes which are latexed (instead of scanned) and therefore easier to use. Thanks to Alex Pappas who notified me of the new version.

Feb 09

The course mailing list is The link maintains an archive of old messages posted to the list.

The next problem set has been posted to the web.

The problem that Silvio mentioned in class about defining intractability for random k bit numbers is a nice thought exercise, but we are not writing it or adding it to any pset.

For some reason, the course webpage does not render properly in IE. I have tested it against Safari, Mozilla, and Firebird, and validated the html against the XHTML 1.0 spec, and they all seem to pass. Therefore, does anyone know how to make it work with IE?

Feb 05

The class meets MW9.30-11 in room (E25-111).

Handout 4 contains the definitional exercises discussed in class today. They are due on Monday, Feb 9th in class.

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