6.875/18.425: Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Lecture notes

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1 9/5/2001 Introduction, one-time pad, public-key model, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, computational assumptions model Moses Liskov
2 9/10/2001 Defining security of public-key cryptosystems Susan Hohenberger
3 9/12/2001 GM security, Legendre symbols and Jacobi symbols, quadratic residuosity assumption Jennifer Mulligan
4 9/19/2001 Goldwasser-Micali cryptosystem for 1-bit messages, proof of security Emil Sit
5 9/24/2001 GM cryptosystem for l-bit mesaages, proof of security Stephen Weis
6 9/26/2001 GM-security of bit-by-bit encryption (hybrid argument) Emina Torlak
7 10/1/2001 One-pass security definitions, Semantic security Nick Feamster
8 10/3/2001 Equivalence of GM-security and Semantic security Eamon Walsh
9 10/10/2001 Cryptographic Primitives, Hardcore Bits Denis Cebikins
10 10/15/2001 OWFs, OWPs, Hardcore Bits, and Goldreich-Levin Paisa Seeluangsawat
11 10/17/2001 OWP -> PRG, Candidate OWPs and hardcore bits Alice Chan
12 10/22/2001 Factoring based OWPF and OWF candidates, PRFs Jelena Spasojevic
13 10/24/2001 More on PRFs, PRG -> PRF (GGM construction) Marshall Tappen
14 10/29/2001 PRG -> PRF, Naor-Reingold PRG, Closeness of distributions Abhinav Kumar
15 10/31/2001 Notions of Indistinguishibility, Naor-Reingold continued. Joshua Marron
16 11/5/2001 DDH self-reducibility, PRPs. Luby-Rackoff construction (PRF -> PRP). Kolya Zeldovich
17 11/7/2001 PRF -> PRP -- Proof of Luby-Rackoff construction. Anna Lysyanskaya

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