6.857: Computer and Network Security (Spring 2020)



Virtual Office Hours

Virtual office hours can be joined via this online queue. OH hours for Nestor and me will remain the same until further notice.


Lecture Recording and Pset 4 Posted

Hi all,

The recording for today's lecture has been posted in the students-only section and Pset 4 has also been posted in the handouts section of the site.

Since this is the first recorded lecture, please let us know if there's anything we can do better for this. Either Piazza or email would be great.

Just a reminder that groups will not be generated for the Pset 4 and you can work with whoever you want to work with up to a team of 4 members. For the Pset drop policy, we will not allow dropping the last pset which is a stand-in for the quiz (and will be graded as such). So if you plan on dropping Pset 4, it's fine to not join a group.


COVID-19 Logistical Changes and Friday Recitation

Hi all,

In case you haven't seen it, some of our short-term changes to the course are posted on Piazza and if you concerns, comments or suggestions please post them here.

For Friday's recitation, we'll be trying out Zoom, so please install the Zoom client before class tomorrow. The meeting ID and more information will be announced on Piazza shortly before class starts.


Tuesday OH change

Because of the long weekend, Monday (2/17) OH will be moved to Tuesday (2/18) at 3:00 - 4:30 in 34-302. Tuesday OH will remain the same.

Pset 1 posted

The first pset and relevant files have been posted in the handouts section. The groupings have also been emailed out so shoot the TAs an email ASAP if you are registered/ planning to register for credit and haven't received an email or if you or any of your group mates are planning on dropping the class so we can reassign groups.

Welcome to 6.857!

Welcome to Network and Computer Security! Our first lecture will be on Monday, February 3rd, at 11AM in room 54-100.