6.851: Advanced Data Structures (Spring'14)

Prof. Erik Demaine     TAs: Timothy Kaler, Aaron Sidford

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[+] Geometric (L03 + L04): full persistence amortization fix, fractional cascading example, 3D orthogonal range searching top-down view, kinetic data structures survey. Problems: kinetic heap improved upper bound and tightness.

This class covers the following topics:

  • Full persistence amortization: a brief on fixing what was broken last class
  • Fractional cascading: a worked example to see how it really works
  • 3D orthogonal range searching: a top-down presentation to clarify
  • Kinetic data structures survey: a more-than-0 minute coverage of the last page of notes from Lecture 4
  • Cool solved and unsolved problems about kinetic data structures
Again, solved problems are posted but please don't think about them until class. Unsolved problems are posted too — please think about them.
[The video still needs to be recorded or encoded. Stay tuned!]

Lecture notes, page 1/6[previous page][next page][PDF]

Lecture notes, page 1/6[previous page][next page][PDF]

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