6.831 • User Interface Design and Implementation

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Spring Semester, 2008

Lectures & Readings

L1: Usability

L2: User-Centered Design

L3: UI Software Architecture

L4: Learnability

L5: Task Analysis

L6: Output

L7: Generating Designs

L8: Input

L9: Visibility

L10: Prototyping

L11: Declarative UI

L12: User Control & Freedom

L13: User Testing

L14: Errors

L15: Graphic Design

L16: Constraints & Layout

L17: Efficiency

L18: Predictive Evaluation

L19: Color Design

L20: Alpha Compositing

L21: Transforms & Clipping

L22: Heuristic Evaluation

L23: Threads & Timers

L24: Accessibility

L25: Internationalization

L26: Animation

L27: Experiment Design & Analysis

L28: Touch and Other Modalities

L29: Ubiquitous Computing

L30: Information Visualization

L31: Speech Recognition Interfaces

L32: Conclusion