6.yyy (AKA 6.S079)

The Human Intelligence Enterprise: 2018

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Task-determined strategies of visual process, by Gad Geiger, Jerome Y. Lettvin, and Olga Zegarra-Moran.

What the Frog's Eye Tells the Frog's Brain, by J. Y. Lettvin, H. R. Maturana, W. S. McCulloch, and W. H. Pitts

Just read I.A and VIII, about 2 pages, to get the flavor of what Lettvin discovered about frogs.

Other papers of interest (but reading these is not part of the assignment)

A more recent treatment

Developmental Dyslexia: a Different Perceptual Strategy and How to Learn a New Strategy for Reading, by Gad Geiger and Jerome Y. Lettvin.

An amazing auditory result

Wide and Diffuse Perceptual Modes Characterizes Dyslexics in Vision and Audition, by Gad Geiger et al.

WRT: 1 hour, but Section 3, readable in minutes, is the interesting part


Winston is upset that he will not be present to listen to the discussion with the guest; he asks you to send him a half page message on what happened. If VSN-C elements emerge, note them. Hand in at the start of the next class.