6.801/6.866 Machine Vision

Fall 2009

Important Reading Materials

Gray-Level Images

Area, Perimeter and Euler Number in Continuous Gray-level Images (PDF 30 kb)

Shape from Shading

"Height and Gradient from Shading" (scanned PDF 22 Mb)

"Impossible_Shaded_Images" (PDF 82 kb)


"Closed-From Solution of Absolute Orientation using Unit Quaternions" (scanned PDF 3.8 Mb)

"Closed-From Solution of Absolute Orientation using Orthonormal Matrics" (PDF 143 kb)

"Relative Orientation" (scanned PDF)

"Relative Orientation Revisited" (PDF 119 kb)

"Recovering Baseline and Orientation from Essential Matrix" (PDF 66 kb)

Camera Calibration

"Tsai's camera calibration method revisited"(Interior Orientation) (PDF 85 kb)

"Quaternions and Rotations" (PDF 50 kb)

Motion Vision

"Direct Methods for Recovering Motion" (scanned PDF 6 Mb)

"Motion Fields are Hardly Ever Ambiguous" (PDF 3.4 Mb)

"Direct Passive Navigation" (PDF 2.4 Mb)

Analog VLSI for Machine Vision

"Parallel Networks For Machine Vision" (PDF 280k)

"Estimating the Focus of Expansion in Analog VLSI" (scanned PDF 3.8 Mb)

"Time to Collision" (PDF 38k)

"Diaphanography" (PDF 38k)


"Projective Geometry Considered Harmful"(Exterior Orientation) (PDF 102k)

"New Notation for Serial Kinematic Chains"(PDF 107k)

Useful Resources and Links:


Platonic Solids (Regular Polyhedra)
Archimedian Solids (Semiregular Polyhedra)

Math Links

Quick Review of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Vision Seminars

Students in the graduate section are strongly encouraged to attend the Vision Seminars held at CSAIL. This is a good source of term paper/project ideas.

Matlab Links

Mathworks Online Documentation
Online versions of the official Matlab documentation, including a general command reference and information about the image processing toolbox.
Matlab on Athena
Guide to using Matlab at MIT. Athena consulting's stock answers may also be useful.
University of Colorado Matlab Tutorials
Matlab Image Processing Tutorial
Matlab Educational Sites
An index of various Matlab tutorial websites.

Computer Vision Links

Computer Vision Homepage

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