6.046J/18.410J Introduction to Algorithms
Fall 2001

Course Signup Sheet

The time for signing up has passed! If you still have not signed up for the course, please email me at greenie@mit.edu. SMA students should not signup using this form

Dear 6.046 students, in order for your friendly TA staff to know about you, our students, and in order for us to accomplish proper record keeping, we require the following information. Please complete and submit the form only if you have decided to take this course, and only if you are an MIT student. You should complete and submit this form by 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 5, 2001. If you do not wish for this information to be made public, then please indicate so on the form. Please refrain from submitting multiple times. The email confirmation that you will receive by Thursday noon will allow you to correct any errors. If you have any difficulties with this process, please contact me at greenie@mit.edu.

First name: 
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Please indicate if you do not want your information to be available through the 6.046 page: 
Keep it private. Let 'em all know.


Please indicate the semester at which you took and passed with C or better each of the following courses (if you are taking the course this semester, then please select the "Not taken" option): 
6.001 Semester Taken: Year:
6.042 Semester Taken: Year:


Please indicate whether you are a listener or taking 6.046 for credit. 

One hour recitations will be held on Fridays starting between 10am and 2pm. Please indicate your preference for the hours below. Let us know which hours you absolutely cannot attend. We cannot guarantee to meet your requirements if they are too restrictive. 
Time:  9-10am  10-11am  11-12pm  12-1pm  1-2pm  2-3pm  3-4pm 
ok but not great: 
cannot attend: 

Please make sure your inputs are correct. You cannot change the data after it is submitted. 

I have read the Course Information Handout . I understand that if I do not hand in (essentially all) the problem sets, I will not pass. 


I have read and understand the course policy on collaboration.


I understand that I must complete the diagnostic quiz (handout 5) in order to be considered registered for this course.



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