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Name Mail Office
Office Phone Session
Prof. Albert R Meyer, in-charge By Appointment 32-G624 x3-6024 1PM, 2:30PM
All Instructors, TAs, LAs
Website, Stellar, 6.042r, Piazza Issues
Grading Issues
Brian Bell Thur. 7:30pm W20 5th floor 1PM
Divya Bajekal 1PM
Stephan Boyer Wed. 6pm (4:30-5:30pm on 9/18) 24-317 2:30PM
Yuta Kato 2:30PM
Alan Logan Thur. 6pm 32-044 2:30PM
Adrian Miguel Wed. 11am W20 2nd floor lounge 1PM
Neha Patki Thur. 5pm 24-320 1PM
Xiaoyue Zhang Wed. 9am 24-308 2:30PM
Anthony Erb Lugo 2:30PM
Shannon Kao 1PM
Sigtryggur Kjartansson 2:30PM
Ambika Krishnamachar 1PM
David Lu 2:30PM
Royal Morris 1PM
Daryl Neubieser 1PM
Jessica Ong 2:30PM
Shawn Qian 2:30PM
Johnathon Root 2:30PM
Kate Rudolph 2:30PM
Tasha Schoenstein 2:30PM
Uddhav K Sharma 2:30PM
Elizabeth Shen 1PM
Yoni Stoller 1PM
Stephanie Wang 1PM
Christina Wettersten 2:30PM
Paul Yuan 2:30PM
Jiaming Zeng 1PM

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