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6.006: Introduction to Algorithms


05 Nov 2011 - PS6 Q1 time requirement updated

Please note that we updated the time requirement of the algorithm we ask for in PS6 Q1. We ask for an algorithm that runs in O(kE + V) time. Sorry for the confusion.

05 Nov 2011 - PS6 submission site is up on Gradetacular

The submission site for PS6 on Gradetacular is ready now. Please note that this is a two-week problem set with commensurately more work. So you should get started on the graph search problems as soon as possible.

18 Oct 2011 - Quiz 1 make-up location

The make-up for 6.006 Quiz 1 will be held in room 32-123 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm on Wed (Oct 19).

13 Oct 2011 - Quiz 1 information
6.006 Quiz 1 will be held on Tue (Oct 18) from 7:30pm - 9:30pm.

Room 54-100: for students whose last names start with A - M.
Room 6-120: for students whose last names start with N - Z.

The quiz is close-book, but you can bring 1 sheet of double-sided HANDWRITTEN notes. Materials from Lecture 1 - 10 and Recitation 1 - 10 will be covered in the quiz.

Recitation 10 tomorrow will be a review for the quiz.

06 Oct 2011 - Conflicting quizzes arrangement and make-up quiz time
If you have a conflict with 6.02 quiz, please email the 6.02 staff, who have agreed to give a make-up for 6.006 students, and take the quiz for 6.006 at the regular time.

If you have a conflict with 6.01 quiz, and you decide to do the 6.01 quiz, please email yingyin@mit.edu with your name, Athena name and indicate that you need to take the make-up.

The make-up quiz will be held at 7.30-9.30PM on Wednesday, October 19 in a room TBD.

06 Oct 2011 - Quiz 1 conflicts
If you have a conflict for Quiz 1 on Oct 18 7:30pm due to MIT related activities but not because of 6.02, please email yingyin@mit.edu with the following information:
  1. Name
  2. Athena name
  3. MIT related conflict reason
If you have emailed us before and got an approval, please email again to confirm.

02 Oct 2011 - Bug fix in the BST code for lecture/recitation
We updated the BST code for the lecture and the recitation to fix a bug in the delete() method of BST class to handle the deletion of the last node correctly. We also added a check_ri() method for BST.

01 Oct 2011 - PS3 Code Bugfix
The PS3 code package has been updated to fix a few bugs. Please download and use this new release.

29 Sep 2011 - Problem Set 2 Solution for 2-1(u) Updated
The solution for PS2-1(u) is updated to fix some small typos. We also added a note about the triangle at level -1. We will consider both solutions correct whether you included it or not.

28 Sep 2011 - Problem Set 2B Out
Problem Set 2B is out and is due this Thursday, Sep 29th, at 11:59 PM. Please submit your critique to Problem 2-1(u) through Gradetacular, on alg.csail.mit.edu. The solutions to PS2 have been posted on the course website.

25 Sep 2011 - Problem Set 2 clarification
We just posted a revised version of Problem Set 2 questions on the course website: http://courses.csail.mit.edu/6.006/fall11/psets/ps2.pdf

This revision clarifies how the levels of the recursion tree are numbered, as follows. The root call to Snowflake is not considered part of the recursion tree. The multiple root calls to Snowflake-Edge together form level 0 of the recursion tree. Thus the recursion tree is actually a forest of trees, but we still call the whole disconnected structure the "recursion tree". (The lack of this level specification was really a bug. Sorry about this.)

23 Sep 2011 - Problem Set 2 Submission Instructions
We will collect your PS2 answers using Stellar. Please upload your solutions using the appropriate assignments at: http://stellar.mit.edu/S/course/6/fa11/6.006/homework/index.html

Please download the problem set .zip archive, available at: http://courses.csail.mit.edu/6.006/fall11/psets.shtml

Please use the solution template and submission instructions in the writeup/ directory. If you have already downloaded a version of the archive without the writeup/ directory, we have prepared a separate .zip archive that only contains the writeup/ directory. You may download it using the "submission instructions" link, and unpack it in your PS2 work directory.

We kindly ask you to help us test Gradetacular, our new homework site, by submitting a copy of your answers at: http://alg.csail.mit.edu/

In return for your time and effort, we will make up for up to 5 points on your PS2 score if you submit solutions using Gradetacular. That is, you will receive min(5, 100 - your_score) extra points for PS2, if you use Gradetacular in addition to Stellar. If you use Gradetacular, please remember to also submit your homework on Stellar before the deadline.

16 Sep 2011 - PS1 solutions out, PS1b out, PS2 out
We have released the solutions for problem set 1. You can download them here.

Problem set 1b is also out, and it's due on Tuesday. You can read and submit it on Gradetacular:

Lastly, problem set 2 is out, and is due on 9/27

15 Sep 2011 - Problem Set 1 Formatting
The deadline for Problem Set 1 is tonight at 11:59 PM. Instructions for submission are included in the README.txt file included with the ZIP file.

As a quick reminder, you must submit the TEX file, not the PDF version. The answers to the three ordering problems should be lists of numbers. The answers to all of the multiple choice, INCLUDING the Yes/No questions, should be just the number of your choice -- no other text. You need not provide justification for any of the ordering or multiple choice problems. Finally, you must list all of your collaborators on the problem set.

As previously stated, we are using automatic grading, so incorrectly formatted solutions MAY cause you to lose points. If you have already submitted, please double check that you've formatted things correctly and that you submitted the TEX file, not the PDF. (We have already received several PDF files and several incorrectly formatted submissions.)
If you have any last minute questions about the homework, you can email the course staff or submit a question to Piazza. Good luck!

13 Sep 2011 - Recitation Notes Posted
The notes for the first recitation (September 9) have been posted to the course website, in the "Lectures and Recitations" section. In the future, these notes will be posted without fanfare soon after all recitations have occurred.

12 Sep 2011 - Problem Set 1 Updated (Again)
The template file included in Problem Set 1 has been updated to include a location to list your collaborators. Recall that according to the collaboration policy, you MUST list everyone you collaborated with. If you have already started filling out the template and don't want to use the updated version, you can take the following four lines and paste them into your partially-filled-out template file, before the line "\begin{problems}":


8 Sep 2011 - Problem Set 1 Updated
The ZIP file included with PS1 has been updated to address some compilation errors. If you have already downloaded the ZIP file and want to compile your PS1 solutions in LaTeX, you should download the new version. Otherwise, you do not have to do anything.

8 Sep 2011 - Problem Set 1 Posted
Problem Set 1 has been posted to Stellar and to the course website. The due date for the first part of the problem set is Thursday, September 15 at 11:59 PM. Instructions on how to submit your problem set are included in the ZIP file for the assignment -- read them carefully! The day after the first part of the assignment is due, the solutions to the problem set will be posted, at which point you will be able to work on the second part of the problem set: critiquing your own proof, based on what you learn by reading the solution. The second part of this problem set will be due Tuesday, September 20 at 11:59 PM.

5 Sep 2011 - Getting started
Welcome to 6.006! Please make sure that you have created an account at Piazza (via this link). Also note that we are using the registrar's section assignment this term. However, you are free to go to any of the 8 sections listed here.

The problem sets this semester are going to require you to write some code in Python. Software installation instructions.

If you're having difficulty setting up your Python development environment after reading the installation instructions, please come to recitation on Wednesday. Else, we'll see you on Thursday in lecture.

Here are some resources that you can look into if you need additional help throughout the semester:
  • You're going to need a computer to do the coding part of the problem sets this semester. We want you to know that IS&T has a laptop loaner program that will lend you a laptop.
  • If you feel like you need more help throughout the semester, check out the HKN Tutoring Program.
  • If you need any other academic or personal support, Student Support Services are a good resource.