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Ron Rivest, Lecturer
rivest at mit.edu
Phone: 253-5880
Office: 32-G692

Srini Devadas, Lecturer
devadas at mit.edu
Phone: 253-0454
Office: 32-G844

Michael Lieberman, Teaching Assistant
mathmike at mit.edu
Phone: 857-928-6521
Office Hours: Mon., 5-7, W20 cluster

Yoyo Zhou, Teaching Assistant
yoz at mit.edu
Phone: 703-501-0275
Office Hours: Mon., 8:30-10:30, W20 cluster

Be Blackburn, Assistant
be at theory.csail.mit.edu
Phone: 253-6098
Office: 32-G675A

6.006: Introduction to Algorithms


Numerics solutions
Solutions (PDF) for the Numerics problems are now available.

Office hours next week
The very last office hours next week will be on Monday, Mike 5--7 pm and Yoyo 8:30--10:30 pm.

PS 5 & 6 solutions, Numerics practice problems
Solutions for PS 5 (PDF) and PS 6 (PDF, Google Map of one test case) are now available, as well as some practice problems for the final exam for the last module, Numerics (PDF) .

Final Exam
The final exam will be 9AM-noon in room 32-124. You may bring two pages of notes. The exam will cover all seven modules in the class:

Underground Guide Evaluations
Please fill out the underground guide evaluations: sixweb.mit.edu.


Problem Set 6 turning unit tests
Update: You can turn in Problem Set 6 here.

We have posted unit tests for problem 3. When you submit your code (submission page not yet available), these tests will be run.


Quiz 2 solutions
Quiz 2 solutions are now available: PDF.

Quiz 2 Practice Problem Solutions
Solutions to the quiz practice problems are now available: PDF

Problem Set 6 posted
Problem Set 6 (PDF, PS, template, NHPN module, code template, NHPN data) is available. It is due December *6* at 11:59 PM.

Quiz 2 Practice Problems
Some quiz practice problems are now available: PDF

Recitation Wednesday 11/21 Canceled
Recitation on Wednesday 11/21 will be canceled in honor of Thanksgiving break.

Quiz: Wednesday 11/28
The quiz will cover Lectures 13 through 21 (sorting, search, and shortest paths through 11/20), and will be in 32-155 from 7:30PM to 9:30PM. Recitation Wednesday 11/28 will be a quiz review.

Problem Set 5 submission page
You can turn in Problem Set 5 here. Also, we have posted unittests for problem 3, which will be each time you submit your code.

Problem Sets 3 and 4 solutions posted
The solutions for problem sets 3 and 4 are available from our new Problem Sets and Quizzes page.

Problem Set 5 posted
Problem Set 5 (LaTeX, PDF, PS, template, rubik's code) is available. It is due November 21 at 11:59 PM.

Problem Set 4 submission page
You can turn in Problem Set 4 here. Do let us know in the appropriate feedback form box if you make changes to code other than the detect_collisions() function.

gas.py patched
There was a bug in gas.py, where it sometimes mattered what order collisions were found in. gas-patched.py is a patched version of the code that fixes this problem. If you only modified the detect_collisions() method, then you should be able to just copy and paste that into the patched version. The only changes in the patch are some wrappers around detect_collisions() and handle_collision() to make sure the collisions get handled in a pre-determined order. We also added a couple quit() statements to the main method which fixed a UI bug on some machines.

Problem Set 4 posted
Problem Set 4 (LaTeX, PDF, PS, template, simulation code) is available. It is due November 6 at 11:59 PM. Please use the new template to write up your problem set; the LaTeX source is provided to help you with the syntax of LaTeX.

Quiz 1 solutions
Quiz 1 solutions are now available: PDF, PS.

Problem Set 3 submission page
You can turn in Problem Set 3 here. If you have multiple files (scanned handwritten pages, for example), you can create a zip or tar.gz file and upload that.

Problem Set 2 solutions posted
Problem Set 2 Solutions: (PDF, PS, code)

Quiz: Wednesday 10/17
The quiz will cover through Friday's (10/12) recitation. The quiz will be in 32-155, from 7:30PM to 9:30PM. You may bring one page of notes. Update: We have posted some practice problems for the quiz here: PDF, PS. Update: We have also posted solutions for some problems.

Problem Set 3 posted
Problem Set 3 (LaTeX, PDF, PS, template, price data) is available. It is due October 23 at 11:59 PM.

Lecture and Recitation notes
Handwritten notes for each lecture, as well as a brief summary of each recitation are now available here. We hope this will help in studying for Wednesday's quiz.

Problem Set 2 submission page
You can turn in Problem Set 2 here; if you want to submit only one part (either the writeup or code) at a time -- for example, to resubmit your code -- just leave the other field blank.

Office hours on Wednesday
Office hours this week only will be held on Wednesday, 10/10: Yoyo from 4-6 PM, Mike from 6-8 PM in the W20 cluster.

Problem Set 2 revised
Problem Set 2 (LaTeX, PDF, PS, unit tests, DNA data) is out. Practice exercises were added at the beginning, point values were added to each problem part, and a clarification was added to (3d).

Problem Set 1 solutions posted
Problem Set 1 Solutions: (PDF, PS)

Problem Set 2 posted
Problem Set 2 (LaTeX, PDF, PS, unit tests, DNA data) is out. It is due on October 11 by 11:59 pm.

Problem Set 1 submission page available
You can now submit Problem Set 1 here in PDF or PostScript. Make sure that you have your MIT certificates installed in your browser.

Office hours change
Next week only, due to the student holiday on Monday, we will hold office hours at different times, but in the same location (the W20 cluster): Yoyo on Sunday, 9/23 from 4-6 PM, Mike on Tuesday, 9/25 from 1-3 PM. Please email us if these times don't work for you.

Lectures moved to 3-370
The location for lectures has moved to room 3-370.

Problem Set 1 posted
Problem Set 1 (LaTeX, PDF, PS) is out. It is due on September 25 by 11:59 pm. We recommend that you download the LaTeX source for the problem set and add your answers in the spaces marked INSERT ANSWER HERE.

Recitation times
Recitation sections are at 10AM and 3PM in room 4-153. You will be receiving your recitation assignments by email.

First day; Textbooks
There will be no recitation Wednesday 9/5/07. The first lecture will be Thursday 9/6/07. Recitations will be scheduled after the first lecture. The required textbook for 6.006 is Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein. We also recommend Problem Solving With Algorithms And Data Structures Using Python by Miller and Ranum.